Rural Alabama - Coordinated Assessment System (RA-CAS)


RA-CAS (Coordinated Assessment) Link


The Coordinated Assessment process also serves as the Balance of State needs assessment for determining the gap in homeless housing and services.


The Coordinated Assessment process is a HUD requirement for all communities who are seeking or currently have federal funding to provide housing and services to homeless or at-risk of homelessness individuals and families. The Balance of State Coordinated Assessment process is a system-wide process and can serve any and all populations.

1. Coordinated Assessment survey is conducted.

2. Results are assessed  to triage services.

3. Person is connected to level of  service needed.

4. Trainings conducted to make the landlord and tenant match sustainable.

5. A good landlord is identified and the tenant is connected to a  housing unit.

6. Lease signing is attended by client and their support network.


The Balance of State Coordinated Assessment is via a decentralized coordinated system (with multiple assessment points (42 counties) all employing the same assessment and referral process). The link provided above automatically captures the data into a Master List. The master list is is triaged during a weekly open meeting where the person is connected to the level of service needed and that can provide the necessary prevention or diversion services or admit or refer a family to the program that is best equipped to get them into permanent housing as quickly as possible.


The Balance of State ultimate goal for all Rural Alabama Counties is a systematic and community-wide "No Wrong Door" approach for any homeless individual or family. If you have questions about RA-CAS or would like to host a trainging for your community, please contact  or . Training is available for all Balance of State Counties.