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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


Meet our group of expert Accounting, Administrative, Housing and Resources Programs Professionals. While we all have different backgrounds and areas of expertise, we have a shared commitment to communication, collaboration, and HOUSING.

S. Ezelle

Compliance Director

A. Harris

Programs Director

K. Reed, CPA

Accounting Department

A. Whitehead, CPA

Accounting Department

L. Thompson

A. McReynolds

Data Entry

S. Betts

Coordinated Entry - 

Emergency Housing Vouchers

K. Sheffield

Coordinated Entry - Community Referrals

J. Wright

Coordinated Entry

A. Pearson 

Coordinated Entry

H. McQuire

Permanent Supportive


D. Tucker

Permanent Supportive


T. Humphrey

T. Middleton

HMIS Administrator


Landlord Liaison


Street Outreach

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