Requests for letters must be submitted 10 business days before the requested due date. The CoC cannot guarantee that requests submitted without sufficient time will be reviewed or approved.


Those making the request must provide a template letter that includes:

  • A brief project description

  • How the funds will be used and impact of the project or grant (extent of the issue and how many will be served)

  • Agency involvement with the CoC

  • Description of the funding and project 

  • A template letter for the CoC to endorse

Email your request and a copy of your template letter for CoC endorsement to



Note: The template letter should include a space for the CoC to list its information and signature. Typically, funding applications dictate what the Letter of Support should state, so it is important to carefully review the funding application. If no guidance is given, the Letter of Support can include details about the project and how it aligns with the Continuum's goals. If you are unsure what to include, contact for feedback. Please note that the request must be submitted with a template letter, as it is not the responsibility of the CoC to know the specific expectations of any funder's Letter of Support content.