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Governance Charter 

  1. Adopted 2014

  2. Reviewed and Approved, January 2015

  3. Updated, August 2017

  4. Updated December 2018

  5. Updated January 2020

  6. Approved March 2021

  7. (The final approved Governance Charter for AL-507 has been reviewed. All findings were resolved, and therefore the charter has been successfully accepted. Thank you, SNAPS HMIS Team) 

  8. Updated April 2022

  1. A request was sent to stakeholders inquiring if anyone objects to ARCH making an amendment to the Governance Charter. The purpose of this revision is to add the month of December to the original year listed, which is 2014.

  2. Stakeholders were requested to provide their response through a survey link by COB July 17, 2023, indicating their support for the proposed revision to include the month of December in the document.

  3. Following the update, the revised Governance Charter, now reflecting the addition of December, will be shared with stakeholders and made available on the ARCH website.


Following our recent monitoring review with HUD during the week of July 10, 2023, it has come to our attention that the Governance Charter, as adopted, lacks the original adoption month of December before the year 2014. Although this is a minor revision, it is necessary for accuracy. Therefore, we request that you vote on the provided link by COB July 17, 2023, indicating your approval for ARCH to amend the Governance Charter solely for the purpose of adding the month of December.

A complete copy of the Governance Charter can be found on the ARCH website at Alternatively, you may request a copy by reaching out to us at

We appreciate your prompt attention to this time-sensitive matter and your ongoing support of the Alabama Balance of State Continuum of Care. The Governance Charter will be reviewed during the December 2023 full membership meeting, during which any further revisions or recommendations will be addressed. 




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